Shipping & Quality


I ship to anywhere in the world, using regular mail (with tracking). In many cases there is a shipping discount if you buy multiple pieces. There are some individual differences in shipping cost. For instance forĀ larger works.

Quality and Delivery

All artworks are made using high quality paper and ink. So they should last for a long time. However, there are some individual differences in materials so you should read the product description carefully.

I guarantee that you will get the package in good order (or you will get a refund). However, please note that I do not guarantee anything about how well the plot or print will age, since I can't control how the artwork is handled (and framed) after I ship it.


The intended signature on the plots/prints is the text that reads like 1/n xxxxxxx AHyy. n is the number of plots (usually there is just one), while xxxxxxx is the name of the work. yy is the year the work was made. The name is generated using this library. Sometimes there is also a string of text at the edge of the paper. The latter is something I use to keep track of things. I usually suggest cutting the paper a little before framing, which means cutting of the string at the edge of the paper. Naturally you can do whatever you want though. Feel free to ask me if you would like more information.


I recommend framing your artwork at a professional frame shop, using UV protected and reflective coated glass. As a precaution I also recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight.


The paper I use for packing/shipping may not be acid free. For this reason I recommend that you avoid storing artworks in contact with this paper for a long time. Additionally the artworks should be stored flat, not rolled up.